B-Positive: Video of Kris Bryant and Albert Almora Home Runs Thursday

Sure, it was just a B game. But between Kris Bryant stopping to sign an autograph for a little kid and joining Albert Almora in blasting home runs, it was A-OK. Sloan Park PA announcer Tim Sheridan captured both shots in all their glory and shared them with the rest of us not lucky enough to witness the events (warning: NSFW).

For my money, there are two sounds that are so pure and unmistakable that they they will never grow old for me. The first is the way a perfect basketball shot splashes through the net, causing the woven nylon to smack the orange box below the rim. The second is the crack of a well-struck bat on a baseball.

And just like the finest music, there is infinite nuance in those beautiful sounds. All day, I’ve been listening to the swish-clack of nets, so the violent percussion of baseball was a welcomed change of pace. But as much as I love seeing Almora succeed, there’s just something different about Bryant. Is transcendent too strong a word?

If you haven’t already noticed what I’m talking about, play the video again, only with your eyes closed this time. Just listen for the sound produced by both players and I think you’ll understand; the ball sounds different coming off of Bryant’s bat.

That would sound like the ramblings of some crusty old regional scout if it wasn’t the absolute truth. And that’s exactly what Bryant’s swing sounds like: the truth. And the future. Go ahead, watch it again. I’m sure your boss won’t mind.

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