The Bald and the Beautiful: Cubs Shave Heads for a Cause

Respect 90? That’s old news. And while Joe Maddon and the Cubs are still working to raise awareness for the need to hustle from base to base, their recent efforts in support of a much bigger cause are making headlines now.

In keeping with his wacky, mad-baseball-scientist demeanor, Maddon was dressed like an old-school football coach for the event, complete with tall socks, short shorts, and a whistle. Then he, along with Starlin Castro, Anthony Rizzo (who had been rocking a bleach blonde mop on top), Jorge Soler (who, fittingly, looks like a football player) and more sat down in the barber’s chair.

But this wasn’t just about a team-building exercise or some goofy publicity stunt; the Cubs are trying to raise funds for pediatric cancer research. If you’d like to donate, you can do so by visiting the Respect Bald page on the team’s website.

For more pictures and info, check out Mark Townsend’s piece for Yahoo’s Big League Stew (in which Danny Rockett gets a very well-deserved name-drop).


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