Wait, Are the Cubs Actually Starting to be Fun Again?

How exciting was the Cubs’ 7-6 extra-inning, come-from-behind victory over the Reds Monday night? So exciting that Starlin Castro ran — really, truly sprinted, people — to catch Arismendy Alcantara after the young utilityman collected the game-winning hit, his first of the season.

Seriously though, I think the picture above does an excellent job of expressing the pure joy of the moment. While there have been some great moments over the last few seasons, the dramatic victories these last two days have had more depth. They’ve been more real.

Is silly to assign significance to wins in a season that’s only 3.7% complete? Maybe. One could also call it irresponsible. After all, pinning even the lowest expectations on a team with just a 4-2 record is asking for disappointment. But I’ll be damned if this W didn’t feel incredibly good.

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