Which Cubs MiLB Affiliate would you Most Like to Visit

We’ve really been ramping up the MiLB coverage lately, including primers on both the SB Cubs and the Iowa Cubs, with profiles of both the Myrtle Beach Pelicans and Tennessee Smokies coming soon (fingers crossed).

You may not be privy to it if you’re not a Twitter regular, but the Cubs and their affiliates have really stepped up their social media game this season. I think it’s been more a case of the big club taking cues from its little brothers, but regardless of the impetus, it’s certainly been fun for those of us who follow the interactions.

Rather than 5 separate entities, you really get the sense that this is sort of a family affair, with each club throwing little jabs out at the others but still being supportive at the end of the day. Minor league baseball is truly one of my favorite aspects of professional sports, a little piece of Americana that lets you see the game up close without the high price.

Every ballpark has its own unique flavor, influenced by the level of play and the city around it. With that in mind, I wanted to find out which Cubs affiliate more fans wanted to visit. So please take a moment to vote and check back to see how others felt.

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