Express Your Selfie: Bearded BFIB Gets 15 Seconds of Infamy

If you’re looking for any analysis of the putrefaction of a game we just sat through, you can forget it. While I had planned to make this just a wacky little footnote to a post with a title along the lines of “Manicures Optional: Cubs Win Nail-Biter in St. Louis,” I’m actively trying to forget the game.

One image I can’t seem to get out of my mind — well, other than Rizzo’s wrist getting jammed or of Cardinal hitters continuing to drive in late runs — was of the dude in the flowing beard sprinting down the aisle with a giant selfie stick while two of the classiest fans in the sport ran around the field.

I’m not really sure why it struck me; it wasn’t nearly as cool as the time I saw the beautiful Cubs-clad woman in the bleachers flipping the double-bird to nearby Phillies fan as she sang Go, Cubs, Go following a win. But just seeing this guy giddily running to join his comrades as they worked up a lather of of pure class struck me funny.

Naturally, I had to rewind my DVR and take some pictures and video of it in order to share it with all five of my online friends. So if you’re the sixth one reading this, I’m sorry. I would also apologize for any time you feel I’ve taken from you that you’ll never get back. But it’s late and I’m loopy and I just find this oddly hilarious.
















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