Wrigley Field Bleachers Reopen, Fan Wipes Butt with White Sox Hat (Video)

When the Cubs released the news that the famed Wrigley Field bleachers would finally be open for business on May 11th, they specifically touted improved facilities. It was obvious from Monday night’s festivities that that meant beer would still be readily available, though it appears the bathrooms may still be an issue. Or maybe they just ran out of toilet paper.

As we all know, necessity is the father of ingenuity and cleanliness is next to godliness. And since Wrigley is a baseball cathedral and the Mets are the personification of evil, at least to some, I suppose you could argue that the young lady in the Lester jersey was simply exercising some bastardized form of purification with the hat Dexter Fowler tossed back into the crowd.

But wait, there’s more. Sources have informed me that the black hat in question did not represent the visiting team, but rather, it was a White Sox cap. I’ve long raged against wearing another team’s gear to a game in which they’re not playing, but this went above even my abnormally high standards for shaming those who violate my personal code of conduct (though just a hat is okay, so Darth Stout is cool in my book; hat + jersey is a big no-no).

Regardless of her motives, this young lady got a bit too sauced up and decided to make an ass of herself. A classy dame, this one. There are times when I’m really proud to be a Cubs fan, but this wasn’t one of them. Of course, that doesn’t mean I’m above rewinding my DVR in order to record the moment for posterity.

In case you missed it, here you go…


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