You Can Put it on the Board, Yes! Kris Bryant Blasts a Ball off the Jumbotron (Video)

While I do feel a little dirty using a Hawkism* in my header, I think the play in question is pure enough to wash it away. In that, Kris Bryant’s home run was like the water of Lake Minnetonka. Prior to his shot in the 8th, the game had felt oddly suppressed. The only prior offense had come in the form of wind-aided homers from Dexter Fowler, Bryce Harper and Denard Span.

Had this been a sprint, the times would have been disallowed from record contention. So unlikely was Harper’s homer that he actually threw his bat down in disgust at the fact that he’d simply hit a routine fly out to left. But then it just floated and floated…and floated until it finally nestled in the basket.

Would one Vegas kid be able to one-up the other though? That’s a clown question, bro. Bryant’s smooth-as-silk swing propelled an Aaron Barrett offering 477 feet out to left, where only the new LED board stopped it from becoming another souvenir for the endangered ballhawks on Waveland.

When the ball comes off your bat at 107 mph, there’s not much need for the wind to do anything with it. While the first few that got out were squeakers, this was one of those no-doubters that you just sit back and marvel at as it arcs into the gloaming with such speed that it was only recognized by the tail trailing from it like that of Halley’s Comet.

How fitting that a unicorn hit a ball that traced the shape of the double rainbow from earlier in the evening.


*Credit/blame for idea actually came from my dude, @Kaufmak, who is a Sox fan.


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