Socks Appeal: Jake Arrieta’s Hosiery Sparks Conversation

The Cubs referred to them as “the most controversial socks on Twitter.” I called them plastic spinner rims from Wal-Mart. But whatever, you called them, those conversation starters Jake Arrieta wore on his legs Thursday night were certainly out of the ordinary. I like actual stirrups and I like high socks, but I don’t like high socks masquerading as stirrups.

I mean, this is basically the modern-day baseball equivalent of the trompe l’oleil seams women ingeniously employed during the nylon-rationing days of WWII. Only far less sexy. But despite my disdain for these socks, derived largely from the fact that the “stirrup” part doesn’t even go all the way to the bottom of the foot, I can’t find too much fault with Arrieta. Bros before hose, right?


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