Reports of Cubs’ Involvement in ‘Blockbuster’ Brewing as Deadline Nears

It’s easy to get wound up as the non-waiver trade deadline nears, but when you see rumors like the one below from a reputable outlet like Buster Olney, the anticipation really gets ramped up. Throw in “blockbuster” and then mention Boston and San Diego possibly working with the Cubs on a deal…

This is rife with possibilities, none of which I’m qualified to comment on. But we’ve all heard the rumors about Tyson Ross and Starlin Castro, not to mention names like Craig Kimbrel, Ian Kennedy, Andrew Cashner, and Jedd Gyorko. And that’s just from the Padres!

Since taking over as GM in San Diego, A.J. Preller has been as active as any exec in baseball, loading his team up for what many had thought would be a competitive season. But now sitting 8 games back in the division and 7.5 back in the Wild Card, Preller looks to be prepared to shift into sell mode. It’s like a real-life version of cup-stacking, except with baseball players.

Boston is in even worse shape, languishing 13 games back in 5th place in the East and sitting dead last in all of the American League. Could they look to shed the salary of an aging Hanley Ramirez? Then there’s Pablo Sandoval, who’s tepid production has closely resembled that of a live-action Jack Black movie.

Those names are based on nothing concrete, mind you, just throwing out some guys the Red Sox might want to jettison (though I’m not sure why anyone would want Kung Fu Panda at $75 million or so remaining). You can rest assured that if this deal came to fruition, there would be a good deal of prospect movement. The Cubs want cost-controlled starting pitching and to get rid of Starlin Castro, the Pads need a shortstop, and the Sawx may want to get younger and/or cheaper.

Then again, this could all fizzle out amount to nothing. Welcome to the last 3 hours of trade season!


I really want this to happen, if for no other reason than to see/hear all the misspellings and mispronunciations (hint, it sounds like what George Costanza accused Reilly of being) that would rain down as a result. Also, the Cubs need to fill their quota for dudes with unnecessary double letters in their names after losing Donn Roach.

Want this. I like Hector Rondon a lot, but if he can be the shutdown 8th inning guy feeding into Kimbrel in the 9th…woo, boy. That also generally lowers the leverage of the situations in which Pedro Strop and Jason Motte will be placed in.

More to come…

Hmmm, okay. Not exactly what everyone was hoping for, though this could yet be a precursor to the aforementioned big trade.

Or maybe not.

Or maybe.

Still maybe…

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