Remember When You Were Hoping the Cubs Might Trade for Alex Wood? Yeah, About That…

The Dodgers’ Alex Wood does not have what you’d call a smooth pitching motion. Acquired from Atlanta in a 13-player deal, Wood joined LA’s rotation — thus forcing the demotion of Mike Bolsinger, who had been a part of my rebuilt, and sneaky-good, fantasy baseball rotation — and made his first start Tuesday night in Philly. I know there were a few Cubs fans out there who had expressed a desire for the lefty, whose career numbers are actually pretty good.

What’s not pretty good was the “pitch” he unleashed in the bottom of the 7th. I’ve seen some really awful attempts to hurl a baseball from the mound to home plate, but I’m pretty sure even Cincy’s mayor and a certain bankrupt rapper could’ve outdone Wood’s 109th offering of the night. I’m not sure what he was trying to throw here, but I doubt he was planning on this…

Here’s another look at it, this time with bit more context:

I know, one pitch — no matter how utterly terrible it may have been — can provide enough evidence to completely indict a guy. But would you really want to have two guys named Wood on the team again? What if they’d also gotten Cole Hamels and we’d have been forced to hear people stumble over him and Jason Hammel.

Whatever, I’m just going to watch that GIF a few hundred thousand more times.

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