Emotions Run High as a Cub Fanatic Yankee in King Kamehameha’s Court

Some of you have probably already discerned the fact that I’m on vacation. As I type this, it’s just after 6am here, though my computer tells me it’s just after noon. And my wife tells me to remind the folks in the digital realm that we’ve got a house-sitter, so don’t go breaking into our home for that $100 ad revenue check I just got (baller!). Actually, I deposited that anyway, so all you’ve got is a worthless piece of paper. You can, however, take it to bars to pick up women by telling them you’re a famous Cubs blogger. Like Colt 45, it works every time.

In any case, I wanted to expound a bit upon the idea of my emotional state as the Cubs head into the NLCS for the first time in a dozen years coming off of that beat-down of the Redbirds. I know the Cardinals fan who will read this will likely take umbrage with that description, but when you beat a team 3 straight on the strength of a record-setting number of home runs, I’d say you laid a whuppin’ on ’em. Maybe that’s just me.

I am at peace

I’ve been pretty vocal about my lack of worry throughout this postseason and even when the Cubs got into an early 0-2 hole on Tuesday, I was cool with it. But the high-tension cable in my gut did start to knot a bit when the Cards tied the game at 4. Anthony Rizzo’s shot alleviated much of that and then Kyle Schwarber saw to it that my anxiety came to rest atop the video board in right field.


Said anxiety is now encased in plexiglass, where it will remain through the rest of the playoff run before inevitably making the rounds to various watering holes and events before it finds an eventual permanent home. Could it be Cooperstown?

I am joyful

While I love to watch my teams play, regardless of the sport, it’s so much more fun to follow other games knowing that my team is in. The Cubs have punched their ticket, so I have another full day to chill. As such, I’m very much looking forward to seeing them again on an even bigger stage and to see how they handle it. Seeing how the national media chooses to regurgitate pre-chewed narratives into the mouths of viewers and readers, however, taints a bit of that joy. Oh well, I’ve got my W flag for the beach and the bar, so I’m good.

I am nervous

Not once have I enjoyed a Cubs playoff game in a communal setting, so doing so in a relatively foreign place will be a bit odd. Actually, it’s entirely possible I’ll be the only one there. After all, how many people come to paradise to watch a baseball game. I’m a little nervous about letting my kids run around on the beach and play in the waves without me for 3 hours, but that’s what lifeguards are for. C’mon now, I’m not that bad. I’m going to have them stand on each other’s shoulders and wear a trenchcoat so they can come to the bar with me.

I am confident

This is honestly not a huge segment of my emotional pie chart, as I have continually listed the various factors evident in both the Mets and Dodgers that outweigh the Cubs’ general awesomeness. I saw something on Twitter about the Trib arguing in favor of a Mets matchup because the Cubs had beaten them 7-0 in the regular season or something. I’m sure there was curse stuff in there too, though I’d be lying if I said that wasn’t a part of my own personal motivation for wanting to see a Cubs/Mets matchup. You can read the article here, but I admit I don’t actually know what’s in it because I couldn’t get past the paywall. Great move, CT.

I am angry

Nothing really in depth here, I’m still just stewing over the Trib’s paywall. Carry on.

I am confused

Not really in the literal sense, but I’m trying to look ahead and plan my viewing and I’m realizing that all these games are going to be starting in the early-to-mid afternoon and that’s weird. Wait, no, MLB does that even when you’re still on Eastern or Central time. Okay, never mind, we can mark this one off the list. Whew!

I am busy

Yes, I understand this isn’t really an emotion, but being on the go and trying to fit it all manner of activities can really play hell with everything else, so I’m taking editorial license. I guess I can take a moment here to apologize in advance for what are sure to be a series of very oddly-timed posts from me, but I suppose you may have already gathered that.

I am thankful

For the last couple of years, I’ve labored under the fear that I’ll eventually be found out as some sort of hack and that people will stop reading what I write. That may yet happen, but I keep putting stuff out there and people keep reading it and I feel like I might actually be getting better at this. So thank you, dear reader, for clicking on this link and for making it this far, thereby contributing to the next 3-figure check I cash next month. In all seriousness though, do appreciate every read and share and comment and compliment. Certainly helps when the Cubs are winning. Oh boy, does that help with views.

So let’s keep that last part coming. The wins that is. Well, the views too, which is still a win for me. So let’s have the Cubs keep winning.

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