In Honor of Election Day, Make Your Voice Heard with Some Non-Partisan Cubs Polls

It’s Election Day and you know what that means. Cheesy stickers and a Cubs Insider post featuring polls on your favorite team-related topics. No partisan politics here, just old-fashioned fun. This was originally spurred by a new Twitter feature that allows you to post two-option polls, something that generated quite a bit of enjoyable conversation last night. Then again, it quickly became evident that a 140-character format is decidedly sub-optimal when it comes to a discussion featuring 3 or more parties.

As such, I wanted to reveal the results of those little queries and also generate some with a few more options on the site. No in-depth analysis here, though you are encouraged to show your work in the comments section below. I know it may sound odd to have an internet writer trying to usher readers to leave their thoughts, but I’m a big fan of the interaction here. The same can’t be said for bigger national publications, as commenters often tend to lose the sense of humanity and can get downright nasty.

But before I get all ranty, let me climb back down from the pulpit and get into the polls. And since not all of you have Twitter (and many who do may be restricted from seeing the polls and results, I have included the tallies as of about 1:30pm EST on Tuesday.

Coghlan – 70%, Castro – 30% (92 votes)

[poll id=”85″]

Yes – 89%, No – 11% (138 votes)

Short term – 57%, Long term – 43% (97 votes)

[poll id=”84″]

War Bear – 79%, Khal – 21% (57 votes)

[poll id=”86″]

Herrera – 75%, Clark 25% (69 votes)

[poll id=”87″]


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