Well, I Guess the Leadoff Question’s Been Answered

For much of the offseason, we wondered who would bat at the top of the Cubs lineup. Would it be the switch-hitting Ben Zobrist? Or maybe the multi-talented Jason Heyward? Then Dexter Fowler came strolling into Mesa on his white Jordans and everyone figured he’d just re-assume the spot vacated by his temporary departure. Ah, but we forgot about War Bear. We should never have forgotten about War Bear.

Kyle Schwarber will be leading off when the Cubs face the Brewers in their first game of the spring on Thursday at 2:05 CT. Granted, the Cubs aren’t exactly running Team Cap out there, but it’s certainly interesting to see that particular superhero at the top of the order. With none of the aforementioned trio listed, War Bear will be looking to set the tone for a lineup that has plenty of thunder concentrated at the top.

In case you weren’t really able to discern all the names and position’s from the picture above, here’s what Thursday’s lineup looks like:

  • Kyle Schwarber – LF
  • Kris Bryant – 3B
  • Anthony Rizzo – 1B
  • Jorge Soler – RF
  • Miguel Montero – C
  • Javier Baez – CF
  • Tommy La Stella – 2B
  • Dan Vogelbach – DH
  • Munenori Kawasaki – SS
  • Travis Wood – P

Pretty much par for the course for an early spring game, as we get a mix of regulars, bench guys, and minor leaguers. It’s nice to see Javy in center though, particularly after I just wrote that he probably wouldn’t be getting any time out there. I like Vogelbach being in there too; he’s the type of guy you love to have in your organization. He really doesn’t have anywhere to go with the Cubs at this point, but I really hope he’s able to show out with the big boys in Mesa.

This will also be most Cubs fans’ first taste of Kawasaki, a more animated, lighter-hitting version of Jonathan Herrera. Even if he doesn’t display any of his infamous antics, I have a feeling the game will be enjoyable. How could it not be?

The game isn’t being televised anywhere, so those of you who aren’t actually planning to be in attendance at Maryvale Baseball Park in Phoenix will be unable to watch it. You can, however, catch the radio broadcast at MLB.com. Which means…Chicago Cubs baseball is on the air. And office productivity is on the schneid.

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