A Few Observations From Cubs 2017 Schedule

We might not be waiting till next year when it comes to the Cubs’ performance on the field, but the revelation of the 2017 schedule has us looking forward nonetheless. Though I’ll probably get around to a deeper dive once we’ve gotten closer and the broadcast information and rosters are more solid, I did want to share a few quick observations from this early look.


  • 18 of the 24 games (including 12 in a row) are against division opponents
  • Cubs in St. Louis and close the month in Boston
  • Only 9 home games


  • Opens with a 13 straight games and ends with 16 straight
  • Only 9 division games
  • 17 home games


  • Opens with 10-game homestand
  • Only 7 division games
  • Two series with the Marlins


  • In addition to All-Star Game, Cubs have 4 off days
  • Three interleague series (Rays, Orioles, White Sox)


  • Only 2 off days
  • Blue Jays come to Wrigley for 3 games


  • 20 division games
  • 10 game road trip with 2 at Rays, 4 at Brewers, 4 at Cards
  • 2 scheduled off days


  • 1 game
  • Close season at home

Okay, so it’s really not all that exciting at this point. We can, however, take heart in the fact that the Cubs still possess a very real shot at going 162-0 next season.

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