Wrigley Construction Update: Gaping Hole Swallows Seats Behind Home

When it comes to journalistic miscues, almost nothing is more frustrating than burying the lede. That’s why I was so thankful to the construction crews at Wrigley for excavating most of the infield and the seats behind home and between the dugouts just to help me develop a story.

Wow, that little bit of wordplay was much wittier when it was still just in my head.

In any case, it’s pretty clear from the picture that they’re making significant progress on the new American Airlines 1914 Club. If, that is, you define progress as a gaping hole.

It may look scary now, but there’s really no reason to rush to get everything buttoned up, what with the mild Chicago winter allowing for year-round construction. For more images of the work going on in and around the ballpark, check out @WrigleyAerials on Twitter.

Oh boy, this is gonna make for some fun questions at CubsCon.

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