Cubs Injury Update: MRI Results Pending, Arrieta’s Next Start Probably Pushed Back

The have not yet revealed the results from the MRI on Jake Arrieta’s right hamstring, but Joe Maddon said prior to Tuesday’s game that are planning to push the pitcher’s next start back. Arrieta said Tuesday that there was still a little knot back there, but that he felt good otherwise. Given the off-day this coming Monday, along with Mike Montgomery and the expanded roster, shuffling the rotation is both prudent and simple.

“Honestly, I’d have to say we’re probably going to push him back, regardless of what the news is,” Maddon admitted to the media in Pittsburgh. “We’ll see. It’s hard to imagine he’d be ready to start this next time out.”

The skipper went on to say that nothing is set in stone and that Arrieta’s ability to do “Superman stretches” could mean that they stick with the normal order. Discretion being the better part of valor and whatnot, it’s hard to believe they won’t ease off at least a little bit.

We’ll know more when the test results come back and/or are revealed, but it doesn’t sound as though anyone is worried about what they’ll say (yes, I’m still convincing myself a little).

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