Crane Kenney Shares Upgrades on Wrigley Field Changes Currently Underway

It’s not every day you get a chance to sit down with Crane Kenney, Cubs president of business operations, to talk about the massive changes currently underway at Wrigley Field. On Saturday, the Cubs held a bloggers’ forum during which Kenney shared details around some of the various projects at various stages of completion

It’s no secret that the Cubs have made dramatic changes to Wrigley over the last few offseasons. Within two days after the 2017 season ended, construction crews got busy tearing up parts of the legendary ballpark to continue the restoration and expansion known as The 1060 Project.

Here are a few interesting takeaways from Saturday’s session:

      • One of the biggest upgrades this offseason was to the infrastructure at Wrigley Field. Two massive electrical vaults were added to provide consistent and reliable power sources, particularly during high-demand periods like the playoffs.
      • Cell service is being dramatically improved and should be as good as, if not better than, every other MLB ballpark.
      • Wifi improvements will roll out throughout the season.
      • Both dugouts are being upgraded and moved 28 feet down the lines. Safety netting will now extend to the end of the dugout for fan protection; that netting is highly improved and much less noticeable.
      • Hotel Zachary — which is actually a project led by the Ricketts family-owned Hickory Street Capital and not the Cubs — is currently taking reservations at and will be open at the start of the season.
      • Concessions are being expanded, with eight new stands opening up in early July. In the meantime, portable concession stands will be stationed in front of the new concession areas.
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