Help Joe Maddon’s Hazleton Integration Project Win $20K

Our main goal here at Cubs Insider is to provide a unique perspective on Cubs news, rumors, and statistical analysis, but there’s more to it than that. We also like to support local and national charities when we can, whether that’s through raising funds on our own or boosting the signals of other organizations.

One such charity with which we’ve gotten involved a great deal over the past couple years is Joe Maddon’s Hazleton Integration Project. Founded five years ago, HIP seeks to unite people of many different cultures in Maddon’s hometown of Hazleton, PA. They accomplish this by offering low cost or no cost educational, cultural and athletic opportunities to economically disadvantaged families in the area.

HIP now has an opportunity to win a cash award of up to $20,000 to help them in their efforts, and there’s something you can do to help. Take a look at the note below from HIP’s founding president, Bob Currie, and vote by clicking this link.

Joe Maddon’s hometown charity, the Hazleton Integration Project, is very excited to be one of 25 finalists selected from 3,000 nominees for the prestigious 2018 Atlantic Renewal Awards! Ten of the nominees will be presented with cash awards of either $20,000 or $10,000. Although we are against some outstanding competition we intend to be one of those ten…

Prize winners are chosen through a combination of online voting and a panel of judges. Please help us by voting and sharing this message through social media. We are truly grateful to have been selected as a finalist for the Atlantic Renewal Award, and whatever support you can lend will be greatly appreciated.

I know you’re not all from Chicago, but you can still vote early and often.

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