Chicago Cubs Lineup: Zobrist Leads Off in Return, Full MLB Lineup for Darvish Debut

Under normal circumstances, having one of your top players making his spring debut in the team’s 10th game would be a big deal. And it certainly is, but Ben Zobrist is kind of playing second fiddle in this one. He’ll bat first and play left in his first Cactus League action.

Kris Bryant will serve as DH and bat second, Anthony Rizzo is at first, Willson Contreras catches, and Jason Heyward mans right. Addison Russell and Javy Baez hold down the middle infield and Albert Almora Jr. is in center. Were it not for David Bote at third, this would be a full-on regular-season lineup.

Then again, the only reason this isn’t a regular-season lineup is because they’re utilizing a DH. The top eight spots are all locks for the 25-man roster, which is the first such configuration we’ve seen for a while. Is it the first time all spring?

The big news of the day is that Yu Darvish is finally making his debut in a Cubs uniform, which you may have heard. That’s kind of a big deal, but the 2:05pm CT start won’t be televised, so Cubs Insider will be on hand to capture the action in order to provide you live videos and pictures throughout.

Brandon Morrow is also expected to pitch in today’s game, which is extra fun because it comes against the Dodgers.

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