Cubs Announce Opportunity to Buy $10 Tix for Every Home Game

Cubs baseball is a lot of things, but cheap ain’t one of them. The face value of a bleacher seat during a marquee matchup can run you $85, and you’re looking at well over a hundo for any 100-level tickets for a big game. Not exactly the kind of scratch every fan is willing or able to fork over.

That’s what led the Cubs to develop 10/Sixty Tickets (as in 1060 W. Addison St), which is a way to give fans a more affordable way to see games. As the name indicates, this program will offer 60 lower-level Terrace seats at $10 apiece for all 81 regular-season home games.

Here’s a little more from the team’s media release:

Fans can enter 10/Sixty Tickets for the opportunity to purchase up to four tickets by submitting an online registration form for the game they wish to attend. Registration opens 48 hours before the game starts and closes 24 hours before first pitch. Given the excitement and demand for the Cubs’ home opener against the Pittsburgh Pirates Monday, April 9, fans can register today through Sunday, April 8, at 1:20 p.m. CDT.

10/Sixty Tickets was inspired by the same-day Broadway ticket purchase program which helped develop theater audiences and overall interest in Broadway shows. The team’s vision is to expand its fan base by attracting younger and first-time fans who may not otherwise have access to enjoy Cubs baseball and the magic of Wrigley Field.

Fans can submit an online registration through MLB’s Ballpark app or by visiting There is no fee to enter. Fans randomly selected in a drawing will receive an email a minimum of 12 hours before the start of the game with their opportunity to purchase up to four tickets.

All in all, this seems like a pretty cool deal and a great way to score some cheap ducats, though I guess you’ve got to be a little flexible on time. The really crazy thing is that these tickets are actually cheaper than getting a beer and a dog at Wrigley. Actually, the beer is even more expensive depending on what you buy and whether/how you tip.

You can get more info at the 10/Sixty Tickets page on, where they’ve got FAQs and a list of all the April games, along with registration times for each (in case you’re not into the whole Eddie Murphy/Nick Nolte thing and can’t figure out how to handle 48 hours).


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