Cubs Quick Hits: Cubs #1 in Offense, Defense, and Baserunning

I remember scrolling through FanGraphs every day during that glorious 2016 run and seeing the Cubs’ historically-great numbers top every leaderboard. Now here I am scrolling through FanGraphs in 2018, and it’s happening again.

The Cubs rank #1 in :

  • wRC+ in the NL:
  • Def in MLB (FanGraphs defensive score):
  • BsR in MLB (FanGraphs baserunning):

Unlike the 2016 squad, the Cubs’ current pitching staff doesn’t rank tops in the league, but they aren’t far off. As it stands now, the Northsiders’ ERA and FIP is second and fourteenth, respectively. But with Quintana continuing to regain form, Lester and Hendricks staying steady, and Darvish hopefully returning to full health, look for the pitching staff to continue to gain ground.

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