Jake Arrieta Returns to Wrigley Field with Classy Message for Cubs Fans (Video)

I'm getting all misty-eyed...

It’s no secret that Jake Arrieta was a critical part of the Cubs 2016 World Series title run. And no sane Cubs fan was happy to see him leave town this year, eventually signing with the Philadelphia Phillies after a drawn out offseason.

Today, for the first time since leaving Chicago, Arrieta stepped onto Wrigley Field. It’s always been a little weird seeing him in that Phillies uniform, but the oddity of it stepped up a notch or three when seeing him walking around that field he graced so many times as a member of the Cubs.

For a man that’s always been known for his laser focus and regimented work ethic, he has a soft side too. That side came out when he addressed reporters who asked him if he had a message for Cubs fans. (Scroll down for a few more photos from before the game.)

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