Cubs Quick Hits: Rizzo’s Power Has Been Out Over Last 100 Plate Appearances

Normally the definition of consistency, Anthony Rizzo has been struggling this season to the tune of a .323 wOBA. Granted, other players would kill to have that number, but it’s been five years since the Cubs slugger finished a season with a sub-.380 wOBA.

Much of his offensive value has been deflated by poor power numbers. In his last 100 plate appearances, Rizzo only has a .115 ISO on the strength of two homers and four doubles. Only about 4 percent of Rizzo’s total batted balls in that time have been barreled, too.

This could merely be a June-gloom slump for Rizzo, but I hope he isn’t dealing with the chronic back problems that stole his April. He hasn’t hinted at any such problems, so there’s no actual reason for concern. I guess I just find ways to make myself worry.

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