Cubs Quick Hits: Cubs Have MLB’s Best Pure Offense

As fun as it is to see Jon Lester hitting dingers, I think we can all agree that pitchers do not present an accurate representation of competent hitters.

Take away offensive production, or lack thereof, from pitchers and the Cubs have the best offense in Major League Baseball. They’ve got a stellar 113 wRC+ and .342 wOBA (both tied with Boston), outpacing the Yankees (.336 wOBA), Dodgers (.334 wOBA), and Astros (.330 wOBA).

The Cubs also lead the Bigs in batting average (.276) and are 0.4 percent behind the Dodgers (10.0 percent) in walk rate. Hold on, I’m not done yet. They also have the sixth-best strikeout rate (19.8 percent) and are only 0.8 percent behind the Indians’ MLB-best mark.

So the Cubs are tops in overall run production and near the top in walks and strikeouts. That ain’t bad for playing without Kris Bryant for over a third of the season. Any of you still opposed to the universal DH?

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