Report: MLB Expected to Deny Cubs’ Request to Move Thursday’s Game

In news that really shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone with passing knowledge of MLB’s decision-making track record, WBBM Newsradio’s George Ofman reports that the league will deny the Cubs’ request to change either the venue or the date of Thursday’s make-up game. Never mind that DC Mayor Muriel E. Bowser recently declared a state of emergency, following those already in place for Maryland and Virginia.

Cubs president of business operations Crane Kenney appeared on 670 The Score’s Bernstein & McKnight Show Tuesday to discuss the team’s efforts, but added that they were proceeding as though the game would be played. Their efforts include requesting that the city relax the ordinance banning Friday night games at Wrigley, a measure that was taken once last season.

The Cubs had also sought to move the game to Wrigley, where there is no chance for a devastating hurricane to make landfall this week. Not that such a move would be fair for the Nationals, but it’s too late to make arrangements to play at a neutral site.

Playing in Chicago would be ideal, of course, mainly because the Brewers and their fans would absolutely lose their minds over it. Oh, that would be such a wonderful treat. Alas, it appears MLB is willing to play chicken with an act of God. And given the near certainty of Hurricane Florence’s wrath, the game will probably have to be cancelled anyway.

Totally cool for the powers that be to remain intractable in the face of overwhelming evidence running contrary to their decisions. There may actually be some good news in all of this, though, as it was reported Tuesday that the Nationals are planning to start Joe Ross instead of Max Scherzer.

There’s no way this game is played, but it still chaps my ass that MLB is making it a thing.

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