Umpires Have Expanded Kris Bryant’s Strike Zone to Unacceptable Levels

If you’ve thought while watching the Cubs this year that Kris Bryant has been getting strikes called against him that should’ve been balls, you’re right. Umpires are absolutely wrecking KB so far this season.

We can see below that umpires are calling Bryant’s strike zone about 2-4 inches wider off towards the left-handed batter’s box. Folks, this is unacceptable. These umps have to get it together.

Mistakes like this usually end up straightening out by season’s end, but the observation is pretty jarring when comparing Bryant’s 2019 zone with what he’s facing this season. See how umpires were pretty fair to him last year?

Sure, Bryant is struggling to put good swings on the ball so far, but it doesn’t help when umpires are expanding the former MVP’s strike zone at a pace equivalent to that of the known universe.

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