Pedro Strop’s First-Pitch Strike Rate Among Best in MLB

At times, the Cubs’ collective inability to throw strikes — especially first-pitch strikes — has been psychologically and emotionally taxing. But thankfully, Pedro Strop is there to provide relief.

Seriously, is there anything more frustrating than a reliever coming into the game and getting behind batters right away? My palms are getting sweaty just thinking about it. But Strop has been a cure-all elixir, nailing first-pitch strikes at a rate greater than 95% of all MLB relievers.

Going into Sunday night’s game against the Cardinals, Strop holds a 9.28 K/9 rate, a nice 1.69 BB/9, and a huge 62.5% grounder rate, all of which has contributed to a 2.53 ERA. And while Strop’s overall numbers are extremely encouraging, I’m just so relieved that the Cubs can call on him and watch him immediately get ahead of batters 0-1.

That’s my closer.

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