Craig Kimbrel Displayed Typical Early-Season Velocity in Cubs Debut

Craig Kimbrel’s fastball velocity sat between 96-98 mph (96.5 mph average) in his Cubs debut, which is right about where you’d expect him to be at the start of the season. Adrenaline certainly had played a role, but my God, how satisfying was that first heater at 98 mph?

In March and April of last season, Kimbrel averaged 96.5 mph with the Red Sox. After two months, he was throwing 98 mph and his velocity hovered in the upper 90’s for the rest of the season. His velo Thursday afternoon was essentially the same as in the early portion of 2018, so we should see it continue to creep up as the season progresses.

Now as long as his ability to cover first base improves at the same time…

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