Javy Báez Bats Second, Willson Contreras Seventh in Youngest Lineup in All-Star History

Javy Báez will get a chance to take Justin Verlander deep as the NL’s No. 2 hitter Tuesday night in Cleveland. Willson Contreras may get to do the same depending on how the Senior Circuit does against the AL’s senior citizen starter, but he’s batting seventh and may face a “reliever.”

There are some pretty decent hitters in this lineup and we could very well be seeing them in the Midsummer Classic for years to come. In fact, this is apparently the youngest lineup in All-Star Game history, with an average age of just 25.75 years. The previous record was set by the 26.4 year average of the 2017 AL squad.

It’s also the first time a team has been led by two hitters who had to back out of the Home Run Derby. Okay, I just made that part up, but it’s definitely the first time a player had to back out of the Derby upon realizing that it was not being held in his home ballpark. I actually made that up as well, though it really is the first time a player has started at second and short in consecutive seasons.

For those who can’t see the image in the tweet above, the NL is rolling with Christian Yelich in left, Javy at short, Freddie Freeman at first, Cody Bellinger in right, Norman Avocado at third, Josh Bell at DH, Willson Contreras behind the plate, Ketel Marte at second, and Ronald Acuña Jr. in center. Hyun-Jin Ryu is the starting pitcher.

The AL counters with George Spring in right, DJ LeMahieu at second, Mike Trout in center, Carlos Santana at first, JD Martinez at DH, Alex Bregman at third, Gary Sánchez catching, Michael Brantley in left, and Jorge Polanco at short. As you may have discerned, Verlander is pitching.

No idea whether this is legit, but it’s probably the first time a starting lineup has included both a DJ and a JD, though there is no MC.

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