Javy Báez’s Thumb UCL Intact, Still Unlikely to Play This Month

The Cubs revealed Saturday that an MRI had revealed a hairline fracture in Javy Báez’s thumb, but refrained from commenting further on his prognosis for the rest of the season pending further evaluation. A hand specialist since confirmed that there isn’t any additional damage in the thumb, namely that the UCL is still intact, but it’s still believed that the shortstop will miss the rest of the regular season.

Since there’s no ligament damage, it’s just a matter of giving the bone time to heal properly. That will likely be achieved via immobilization of the joint with a custom splint, after which Javy will have to undergo rehab to ensure the thumb has regained strength and flexibility. This is definitely not an ideal situation by any stretch, but maybe Javy will do something amazing and be back in like two weeks.

Or maybe the Cubs will catch a heater and get deep enough into the [Jim Mora voice] playoffs to ensure Javy’s return regardless.

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