Watch: Chicago Cubs Release Joe Maddon Tribute Video

It’s very easy to make the case that the Chicago Cubs just let the greatest manager in their history walk. Of course, that statement leaves a whole lot of room for interpretation and opinions. The reality is that Joe Maddon was the perfect manager at the perfect time when if felt like the Cubs couldn’t win a World Series.

Cubs fans now find themselves in a quandary of sorts. Maddon is loved far and wide for bringing home that once elusive title. That part is history. But what’s become perfectly clear is that history isn’t always an accurate predictor of future outcomes. And that means it’s time for a change.

There have been a couple really well done video tributes, the latest from the Cubs themselves. Of course, our favorite is the tribute that was done by our own Corey Freedman, which, of course it is. Here are both for you to judge. In the end, two really cool ways to say goodbye to a legend.

Thank you, Joe.

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