Minor Leagues Updates Include Lists from FanGraphs and MLB Pipeline, Draft Order, International Free Agency

In a week that saw PECOTA projections and the beginning of spring training, minor league news has taken a backseat. But between prospect lists, the draft, and international free agency, the Cubs’ system has been pretty busy behind the scenes.

FanGraphs released its top prospect list and the Cubs again placed four in the top 120. Nico Hoerner came in at 46, followed quickly by Brennen Davis at 50. Miguel Amaya was not too far behind at 65, while Brailyn Marquez was at 114. It was a surprise to Marquez being ranked so low, which was due to criticism of his failure to develop anything other than his fastball. That analysis was a bit off-base considering his changeup grew by leaps and bounds in 2019.

MLB Pipeline ranked the Cubs 19th in terms of position players and has them trending up. Pipeline also had some “best of” lists going, with Marquez given the title of best fastball in the system and Zach Davis named the fastest prospect in the system.

The official order for the 2020 Draft on June 10 was released recently as well. The Cubs will be picking at 16 and 51 on Day 1, then start picking at 90, then 120, and every 30 picks thereafter for the next 36 rounds.

According to Baseball America’s Ben Badler, the Cubs have long been in on shortstop Cristian Hernandez, arguably the top prospect in this class. Badler also posted some video on his Instagram account of Venezuelan catcher Moises Ballesteros, adding that the Cubs are said to be the favorites for the 16-year-old.


Stay tuned for more, and expect the farm news to ramp up in a big way once minor league camp opens.

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