No Cubs Players or Employees Have Tested Positive for COVID-19

You know things have gotten rough when you’re writing about literally nothing, though Jerry Seinfeld got wealthy doing exactly that so I guess I’m in decent company. And as reports continue to roll in about athletes and team employees testing positive for COVID-19, maybe it’s a good thing to confirm that no one in the Cubs organization has done so at this point.

According to Mark Sheldon, Reds beat writer for, a Reds employee based in Arizona has tested positive. That has caused other staff members to self-quarantine as they await the results of their own tests.

This follows previous reports that at least two Yankees minor leaguers have tested positive, forcing the quarantine of dozens of others. Several NBA players, including the Nets’ Kevin Durant, have also tested positive for the coronavirus, and most Lakers players underwent testing Wednesday morning. According to Brad Turner of the LA Times, the test involves “like this Q-tip through the nose” that has to touch the person’s throat and be twisted.

Fun times.

All of this leads into the positive-because-it’s-not-negative update from Gordon Wittenmyer that no Cubs players or other employees in the organization have tested positive. Now, we have no idea how many people out of those groups have been tested at all, but it’s at least good to know that no one has developed symptoms or been in contact with someone who has.

There’s also the notion that the entire organization has essentially returned to offseason mode, with only 15 or so players and almost no staff remaining in Mesa. With the team facilities at Sloan Park closed to anyone other than team personnel and those who’ve gone home not subject to any media coverage, the possibility for broad internal transmission is vastly reduced. That also means the Cubs have less immediate control and knowledge of what each individual is doing.

We do know, however, that Jason Heyward is doing good things. In this time of uncertainty and fear, it’s nice to get some news like this

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