The Rundown: Looking at Bright Side of Self-Isolation, 5 Worst Trades in Cubs History, MiLB Taking Financial Hit from Delayed Season

“When you’re dealing with an emerging infectious diseases outbreak, you are always behind where you think you are if you think that today reflects where you really are.” – Dr. Anthony Fauci, Director, National Institute of Allergies and Infectious Diseases

It’s still difficult to fathom that I am seeing a world that gets more and more infected every day when I look out my window. I found a little hope in the unlikeliest of sites, a baseball chat by Mark Polishuk on MLBTR:

  1. Medical science is working overtime to figure out a cure/treatment/vaccine for this virus.
  2. Look at how society has already re-adjusted itself in less than two weeks in response to this new reality.
  3. For all of the scary news out there, there is even more news about people coming together to help and take care of others, and people are taking responsible measures to help limit the spread of the [infection].

I hope you will continue to voluntarily sequester yourselves until things get better. There is a blanket of freshly fallen snow this morning, so it’s not a bad day to be stuck inside. I’m thankful that the warmth of spring has been somewhat delayed, as I fear warmer weather might cause a number of us to give in to wanderlust. It’s time to practice safety first. I don’t need to post a coronavirus heat map to tell you all how serious this pandemic is.

There are a few bright sides, however. For one, the planet is getting a break from an overload of toxins caused by everyday life. There are reports that some Asian cities are practically smog-free. Also, as the number of COVID-19 tests increase, the death rate is coming down a little. A better way to look at it is that those with the worst symptoms were the ones initially being tested, and about 96% of those individuals survived. Odds are getting a little better that those infected will survive, so let’s give a big hand to those in the medical profession who are risking their lives to save ours.

Finally, how about a shout out to the folks earning lower wages who are keeping grocery stores, take-out restaurants, and gas stations open. Next time you debate whether they should be paid an honest salary, remember they’re keeping you fed.

On to baseball…

Cubs News & Notes

Odds & Sods

Don’t forget, minor league baseball will need your support once their season starts, too. That said, don’t forget Rob Manfred still wants to eliminate at least 42 MiLB franchises. He shouldn’t be able to hide behind COVID-19 on that front. In the meantime, support those affiliates by buying your favorite merchandise if you have the means.

Ed. note: The Myrtle Beach Pelicans, the Cubs’ advanced-A affiliate, are offering some excellent perks to those who #BackTheBirds early. Just for purchasing as little as $50 in Splash Cash that never expires, you can throw out the first pitch at a game. As the amounts go up, you can get your name on the outfield wall and even on a brick paver in the ballpark’s plaza.

MLB News & Notes

ESPN analyst and former MLB player Alex Rodriguez is going to broadcast a virtual baseball clinic.

Free agent outfielder Yasiel Puig continues to draw interest.

This is a great story about former Orioles backstop Caleb Joseph at a time when he couldn’t buy an RBI.

MLB may need four weeks of a “second spring training” before baseball can begin once given the all clear to continue.

I still think that Jim Edmonds is a good comp for Cubs outfielder Steven Souza Jr. Here’s a look at the trade that sent Edmonds from the Angels to the Cardinals for starting pitcher Kent Bottenfield and second baseman Adam Kennedy.

A look at each team’s active WAR leader. Can you guess who leads the Cubs?

Extra Innings

I love that we use a baseball-sounding reference like flatten the curve to implore folks to practice safety.

They Said It

  • “This is when you really have to utilize your imagination. There are so many lessons to be learned right now, so many positives that can be derived from this awful moment. But while you’re doing that, you still can carry on a pretty normal life within those parameters.”Joe Maddon
  • “Obviously, we know the science behind this as the infection is spreading and we’re practicing appropriate social distancing and hygiene and taking all the steps we can to try to flatten the curve of the outbreak, and do our part.” – Theo Epstein

Monday Walk Up Song

Walk on the Wild Side by Lou Reed

What went wrong? A song full of racy anecdotes tells the true story of transgender actress Holly Woodlawn, who was bullied as a teenager, ran away from home, and later starred in a couple of Andy Warhol films. Sadly, the song comes across as more than a little tone-deaf.

How does it play today? It’s still popular on many classic rock broadcasts, though the racial and misogynist lyrics are somewhat difficult to listen to.

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