Statcast Play of the Day: David Bote Shows Off Quick First Step at 3B

While David Bote’s defense has been a topic of debate, Statcast rated him as one of the better defensive infielders in MLB because of his ability to turn difficult plays into outs. One of my favorite examples of Bote’s defensive prowess is from a 2018 game against the San Diego Padres.

Playing third base, Bote dives to his right to snag a 94 mph grounder, then immediately jumps to his feet and throws to Anthony Rizzo at first base to retire Hunter Renfroe. Had that play not been made, the Padres would’ve continued their rally and threatened what would eventually be a save by Brandon Morrow. You remember him, right?

Bote’s spectacular play below is among my favorites because it shows his quick first step is and the ease with which he balances himself prior to throwing the ball. Few players on the planet can match Bote’s quick, effortless footwork.

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