The Rundown Ultra-Lite: Malört Hand Sanitizer, CI’s Media Takeover, Very Little News

I recorded three podcasts and two web shows yesterday and then spend all Saturday putting together a mini storage shed that my neighbor warned might get me in trouble with the homeowner’s association, so I’m in a foul mood and everything hurts. Oh, I also need to get dinner on the grill, so this is going to be incredibly short.

First up, Jeppson’s Malört is being turned into hand sanitizer…sort of. The iconic Chicago liqueur’s parent company has joined the effort to turn some of its operation from booze to alcohol-based sanitizer.

“Malört already tastes like hand sanitizer, so this makes perfect sense,” Dan Janes, director of marketing for Malört owner Chicago-based CH Distillery, told Crain’s. “People are poking a little fun at it, but most are just very appreciative that we are able to contribute something.”

Cubs news and notes

Cubs Insider news and notes

  • The guest list for The Rant continues to grow and we’ve got some really great folks lined up. Dakota Mekkes, Wayne Drehs from ESPN, maybe even a few former Cubs favorites.
  • You can catch up on previous episodes on our YouTube channel, but I’ll include the latest couple below just in case.
  • I’ve moved my Inside Corner show to our StreamYard platform in order to make things easier, so you can check that out here.

And that’s about it because I’m seriously about to fall over. Take care and stay safe, friends.

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