Watch: Agent Josh Knipp Joins ‘The Rant’ to Discuss Player Advocacy, Potential for New Salary Structure

Monday’s edition of “The Rant Live” featured Josh Knipp, president and co-founder of KHG Sports management. Knipp’s boutique firm specializes in baseball players, so they’ve been very busy during the current shutdown trying to find safe workout spaces for their clients and helping them with all manner of other related issues. Players in the minors, especially those not on 40-man rosters, have been impacted in a big way and could be facing the possibility of not having a season at all.

There’s also the matter of the agreement between MLB and the MLBPA, not all of which has been made public yet. Knipp discusses that, as well as the possibility to fast-track negotiations on the CBA in order to get something resolved prior to its expiration at the end of the 2021 season. What’s more, he offers solutions to some of the salary issues currently driving trends in super-early extensions, including raising MiLB pay and MLB minimums.

If you’re at all interested in the finer points of baseball’s business side, you need to watch this. Then you need to share it with your friends so this becomes the most popular baseball talk show on YouTube.

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