MLB The Show Player’s League Playoffs Will Be Broadcast on TV

The Last Dance only airs on Sunday nights, so something has to fill the sports void over the remaining six days. No, I’m not talking about the NFL Draft. Per ESPN’s Joon Lee, “select games from the final 10 days of the MLB The Show Player’s League, including its playoff tournament, will be broadcast on ESPN, ESPN2, FS1 and MLB Network starting Thursday night.”

ESPN2 will feature some of the final regular-season games this Thursday and Saturday, with MLB Network also picking up some Saturday games. The round-robin structure will move to best-of once the postseason hits in May.

The playoff tournament is slated to begin on May 1 on FS1 with a best-of-three series. The quarterfinals will air on May 2 on ESPN2. On May 2, ESPN2 and FS1 will air the best-of-three semifinal series, with the winners of each semifinal facing off in a best-of-five Championship Series that will air on ESPN on May 3.


April 23: Blake Snell vs. Lucas Giolito, Bo Bichette vs. Trevor May, ESPN2

April 25: TBD, ESPN2

April 26: TBD, MLB Network

April 29: TBD, ESPN2


May 1: Quarterfinals (Best of Three), FS1 May 2:

Quarterfinals and Semifinals (Best of Three), ESPN2 and FS1 May 3:

Championship (Best of Five), ESPN

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