Cubs Sign Slugger Jordan Nwogu to Complete Draft Class

The Cubs agreed quickly with four of their first five picks from the 2020 draft, leaving just outfielder Jordan Nwogu unsigned until Tuesday. The third-round pick (No. 88 overall) out of Michigan has prodigious raw power and made the Cubs’ pursuit of loud tools very literal, and now he’ll get the chance to bang as an official member of the organization.

Nwogu — pronounced Wo-goo — was initially a pass-rusher for the Wolverines and still looks very much like a linebacker. Hey, the Cubs have done pretty well with another of those guys from a Big 10 school, right? Though he may not move through the system as quickly as Kyle Schwarber, Nwogu does conjure similar feelings in terms of raw power.

Nwogu was reportedly signed for the slot value of $678,600.

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