Candy Man: Kris Bryant Explains Twix He Left Behind for Kyle Schwarber

If there’s something more wholesome than leaving a candy bar on the field for your former teammate who’s playing the same position as you for his new team, I’m not sure what it might be. When Kyle Schwarber walked out to his station in left during Monday night’s series opener, he was greeted by a Twix that had been left behind by Kris Bryant.

Not quite the same as stowing a pack of lung darts or a pouch of chaw out in the ivy like in bygone days. Bryant explained later that he considered leaving something a little more on the adult scale before thinking better of it.

“I had about eight or nine pieces of candy in my pocket that whole inning and just left him a present,” Bryant told members of the media after Tuesday’s win. We were talking about bringing him a Miller Lite, but that would probably be frowned upon.”

This was definitely a fun little gesture, but I have two very serious questions. First, how and why did Bryant have eight or nine pieces of candy in his pocket. Second, how melted was that Twix by the time it got to Schwarber?

Either way, this is one of those cool moments that serve to remind us that, even as much as some of these guys are being paid and as uber-serious as people like Tony La Russa take it, baseball is still a game.

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