Romine Me to Tell You About Brother Battery in Blowout Game

The Cubs have been bad-bad since trading away a majority of their best players from a team that was already struggling, but they did manage to sneak in a little fun-bad during Thursday’s blowout. Losing 16-3 in top of the 9th, David Ross called upon starting shortstop Andrew Romine to pitch. The catcher was the recently-activated Austin Romine, who happens to be Andrew’s younger brother.

The circumstances that led to it might not have been desirable, but it was a very cool moment nonetheless. It’s rare that something like this can happen at any level of the sport, let alone in MLB. And while we can debate the Cubs’ deservedness to be playing in the majors at this point, you’d have to be heartless to not feel good for the Brothers Romine.

“I mean, we weren’t even sure if we were ever going to be on the same team in the same organization,” the elder Romine told members of the media after the game. “Today was a surprise. …To be able to see him in the dugout was pretty cool.”

I’d say we should hope something like this doesn’t happen again this season, but the Cubs aren’t trying to win and owe it to the fans to at least provide some entertainment value as they circle the drain.

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