David Ross, Jed Hoyer Test Positive for COVID-19

Despite both being vaccinated, David Ross and Jed Hoyer have apparently tested positive for COVID-19. Both men are in quarantine and are feeling good thus far, which is great news.

There’s no word yet on how, or if, this might impact the team. One thing we do know is that bench coach Andy Green will manage the Cubs while Ross is in quarantine.

The Cubs are scheduled to play the Pittsburgh Pirates today at 1:20pm CT at Wrigley Field.

The Cubs recently announced that they were requiring all non-player personnel to get vaccinated. Those employees must be vaccinated by October 4, when they are apparently scheduled to return to their offices for the offseason.

As for player vaccinations, they are not currently required nor can they be under terms of the Collective Bargaining Agreement. Of course, the CBA expires on December 1 and is already being re-negotiated. So, there’s a slight chance that could change, I suppose.

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