Kris Bryant Mural Updated to Welcome Him Back to Wrigley

Fans Have Chance to Say Thanks All Weekend

Kris Bryant is returning to Chicago this weekend as a member of the Giants for the first time since being traded and it’s sure to be a bittersweet experience for both him and the fans at Wrigley. With what will be a highly anticipated and warm welcome back, Red Bull is helping Cubs fans say ‘Thank You’ to one of the franchise’s former cornerstones.

To celebrate his return, Red Bull has updated the iconic mural at HVAC Pub in Wrigleyville that was first unveiled during Bryant’s MVP season in 2016. Fans will be able to write thank you messages to Bryant on the mural itself to show their appreciation for what he meant to the team during his time on the North Side.

Photo courtesy Red Bull

There will also be a mailbox inside HVAC where fans can drop thank you notes all weekend long. Bryant actually stopped by Thursday afternoon to see the mural and stop by Sluggers for one last BP session in the cages that bear his name.

Though Bryant’s departure really wasn’t as inevitable as some believe, it may have been the only way to truly galvanize his legacy as one of the Cubs’ best players. His success came so quickly and he was so effortlessly graceful that many took him for granted or, even worse, criticized his play and his personality.

Their recent hot stretch has taken some of the edge off of what had been trending toward historical futility, but the reality of another rebuild surely has a lot of folks appreciating what the Cubs had in Bryant. Maybe he’ll see fit to give them a taste of that as a member of the Giants, who come to Chicago with MLB’s best record as they look to further distance themselves from the Dodgers.

Here’s to hoping KB rakes and the Cubs still manage to win a couple of these weekend games.

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