Cubs ‘May Be in Contact’ with Anthony Rizzo Tuesday Night

The New York City vaccine mandate could well have both the Yankees and their free agent targets weighing the gravity of potentially punting home games, which might take away Anthony Rizzo‘s most active suitor. Could that open the door for a reunion in Chicago? Take this with a massive grain of salt, but Univision’s Mike Rodriguez tweeted that the Cubs may be in contact with Rizzo and his agents Tuesday night.

Some of that salt might be supplied by the former Cub himself, as Rizzo liked a tweet from a Cubs fan named Angus Gibson indicating that the Cubs disrespected him. Rizzo, that is, not Gibson. Perhaps it was a mistake like the one Steve Cohen made recently, but Rizzo is a little more social media savvy than that.

We do know that the Cubs have been in touch with Rizzo’s camp previously, though, so this isn’t exactly a new concept. As for Rizzo being with Kyle Schwarber on one side of a ravine and looking past the smoldering remains of a bridge they can no longer traverse to the other side, well, I’m not sure about that.

The Cubs do need left-handed pop in a bad way and the designated hitter means they wouldn’t need to decide between Rizzo and Frank Schwindel at first base on an everyday basis. That said, I’m filing this under the believe-it-when-I-see-it tab.

Update: Rizzo has unliked the tweet in question.

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