Cubs Sign LHP Drew Smyly for $5.25M

It was reported Friday evening that the Cubs were “deep in discussions” to bring lefty Drew Smyly back to the organization and Ken Rosenthal reports that it’s a done deal. It’s a one-year, $5.25 million deal for the former Cub, who won a World Series with the Braves last year. Smyly is like the 58th pitcher the Cubs have added so far and not one of them fits the profile Jed Hoyer laid out at the end of last season.

Though I understand you can’t just go out and find a pitcher who throws 98 with great stuff at bargain prices, it seems as though the Cubs are actively avoiding such arms. No offense to Smyly or any other good-but-not-spectacular guys the team has added in the last couple weeks, I just think it’s weird and antithetical to stated needs.

Figuring out the 40-man roster should be fun.

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