Sparse Crowd Protests Ricketts Family’s Chelsea Bid

Well, it looks like their old panel at Cubs Convention and 2022 Opening Day aren’t the only things the Ricketts family can’t draw big crowds for. Despite a social media movement that appeared to have gotten quite a bit of traction, only about 100 people showed up to Saturday’s protest at the Stamford Bridge home of Chelsea FC. Those in attendance were in full throat, however, as Nizaar Kinsella of Goal documented on Twitter.

“F— off the Ricketts, you’re not wanted here!” the crowd chanted.

Looks like the only thing Tom Ricketts has in common with Roy Kent is actor Brendan Hunt, a real-life Cubs fan who plays Coach Beard in Ted Lasso. Although I suppose there’s another connection between that fictional football club and the Cubs now that both will be carried by Apple TV+. The Cubs will only appear twice in the first half of the platform’s exclusive Friday night doubleheader coverage, with both games coming on the road.

This little gathering probably isn’t enough on its own to tank the Ricketts family’s bid, which was strengthened recently by hiring a new investment bank, but it can’t help. Money will talk in the end and the three other finalists have plenty of it, plus they’ve managed to avoid active campaigns against their candidacy. Final bids are due by April 11, after which Raine Group — which has other business dealings with Cubs ownership — will weigh the offers and present its choice to the government.

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