Theo Epstein Enjoys Bleachers, Lounges in Basket After Cubs Win

Theo Epstein was on hand to see the Cubs snap their 10-game skid, the third double-digit losing streak they’ve had since he resigned, and it was obvious he was enjoying the experience to the fullest. Some of that was being at Wrigley on a beautiful Friday afternoon, but I’d be willing to place a big wager at the nascent sportsbook on the corner that his mood was buoyed by incredible relief at no longer being responsible for this Cubs mess.

Or to be more accurate, he’s relieved that he’s not responsible for fixing the mess. Because I think we all agree he had quite a heavy hand in guiding the organization to both its ultimate success and the resultant fallout. But instead of pointing fingers and assigning blame, let’s just take a few moments to enjoy the idea of a dude who is living his best life.

The Cubs have provided us very few pleasurable moments this season, so it’s worth exulting in a win that broke two streaks. Then you consider that the victory was made possible due to the contributions of two rookies who should be around for at least four or five more seasons and start to think a little bigger. Except sometimes it’s best to just live in the now.

I can guarantee you ol’ Theo wasn’t thinking about the next day. He was soaking up every ounce of joy he could find, whether it came from the vibe at Wrigley or what I can only assume was more than just one beer. Probably more than four. The Cubs can actually be fun, and Friday was a reminder of that.

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