This Seat at Wrigley Field Ranked Second-Worst in All MLB

With its neighborhood setting, proximity to Lake Michigan, and grandstands situated close to the diamond, Wrigley Field has some of the best sightlines in all of Major League Baseball. But if you’ve ever been stuck behind a support post, you know all too well that not every seat in the house is worth paying the highest prices in the sport to occupy.

And while I’d argue that the worst seat is actually one immediately adjacent to a blowhard mansplaining the game to anyone within earshot, there are some more scientific measures out there. analyzed the seating arrangements of all 30 MLB parks and determined the worst seat in each ballpark using an algorithm that took into account various metrics: obstructed view, distance from home plate, exposure to weather elements, proximity to concessions/restrooms, and more.

According to their findings, the worst possible place to sit at Wrigley is Section 428, Row 1, Seat 2. With a total score of 19, it’s also the second-worst spot in all of MLB. As you can see from the featured image courtesy of the 3D seatmap at, it is indeed a horrible way to try to take in a game.

Based on the findings, it’s possible to argue that PNC Park in Pittsburgh is the best in baseball when it comes to having a good view of the game. That’s not hard to believe because the place gets rave reviews from everyone who’s ever been there. It’s just too bad ownership doesn’t give a damn about giving fans a good enough product on the field to make a trip there more than just a way to check off another stop on your ballpark list.

I suppose that could be said about the Cubs as well. Who knows, maybe they’ll do enough this winter to make it worth sitting in that awful seat just to say you had a chance to watch them on their journey to another title.

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