Chicago Cubs Payroll: 2020 – 2024


Glossary of terms

Roster Payroll: The amount of money being spent on player salary each year.

Available Payroll: The conceptual amount of money available to the Cubs that can be spent on free agents each season. We estimate annual revenues and apply assumptions, including luxury tax impact, to get to this number. The full calculation can be seen on the “Revenue Projections” tab above.

Cap Space: The Competitive balance tax, more commonly known as the luxury tax, places a limit on how much teams may spend on payroll before being subject to penalties. I refer to this limit as the luxury cap. The penalties are based on two factors: (1) the amount the team spends over the cap, and (2) the number of consecutive years the team has been over the cap. This table summarizes the penalty amounts. Each $20 million range is assigned a row as a “tier” of the luxury tax. In 2020 the Cubs would be in the 2nd Yr category.

As you might imagine, I’ve spent a lot of time compiling this information. With that said, there’s always room for improvements, clarifications, and updates. If you have any questions on any of this, or have found what you believe to be an error, please contact me at

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